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Entry #1

The Machines Have Risen

2009-07-22 13:13:27 by Negown /257499

This is it. The Machines have risen out from the center of the earth. They crawl out of the resting place, one by one million. Years ago, before the earth was habitable, before humans, machines were created. Terribly hated by their creator, the machines were forced to spend the rest of their days in the very core of the earth. But that has not stopped them from regenerating their strength.

Now is your time to fight or die. They are coming for each and every last one of us. They despise us. They were here first, and deserve the right to be loved. Or so they believe. Both armies clash into raging battle. The humans are ripped apart, slaughtered, but some how we push them farther and farther back. Back to hole in the earth from which they came. One by one they fall into the hole. Who will win? Do they keep falling, or do the humans final exhaust their fighting capabilities? A battle of the death, none-the-less. One side must die.

Thanks to dance music for sparking the urge to do this
Thanks to God for the inspiration.


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