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2010-04-09 20:13:41 by Negown

Jeez, it's really been awhile since I added my music to this place! If you listen to my stuff chronologically, you can hear a pretty drastic improvement (most of the time).

SO! Here's the deal. I'll put up more music, and you keep listening, capiche? (Or for all of you die-hard Italians out there like myself, "capite")

Also, I just recently got a Samson C01U usb condenser mic. It's pretty good stuff, except for the annoying hiss in the background constantly. Maybe it's just my room, but I have a theory that the government is involved in this! Further investigations to come. In the meanwhile, does anyone care to post a comment about the mic they're using (mine, obviously, is for studio purposes), or about the mic I'm using, or about music in general?

I love ya like I love my red pillow (and that's a heckuva lot, because I LOVE my red pillow).


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